On behalf of all participants of the 11-th international & interdisciplinary conference "Vanguard scientific instruments in management-2018" (VSIM-2018), held in the town of Ravda, Bulgaria, from 11 to 16 September 2018, , We would like to state the following:

We are happy to celebrate October the 1-st, International Longevity Day!

  • We do appreciate the efforts of all groups and activists in the world longevity movement.
  • We would like to see this to become the most massive global movement and we are ready to support it by all possible ways.
  • We imagine that many (researchers, educators, businessmen and so on) will joint efforts in achieving the old dream – defeating aging. And that will become a coordinated international project.

We are standing strongly for Radical Life Extension, Personal Enhancement and Transhumanism!

It turns out that the most intriguing topic on the Conference was Section 1 “Longevity and  Transhumanism” (total discussion time 6:30 hours, 14 presentations). There were about 80 researchers (most of them young researchers) on the conference, representing more then 25 universities, research institutes, business organizations and government agencies from Bulgaria and abroad (Belgium, Greece, Israel, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, UK and USA).

Education is the key factor for success in dissemination the concepts of Longevity and Transhumanism.

  • It is destroying myths, changing minds and disseminating new ideas. In addition this is what we can do best.
  • We will continue to develop a full scale academic course “Principles of Longevity and Transhumanism” in addition to the existing lectures.
  • Body of lectures on “Futurology, Longevity and Transhumanism” is already officially included in the curriculum of a regular course “Modeling and Forecasting in Management” in University for National and World Economy (UNWE).
  • We will continue to direct/motivate our students to the field of “Longevity and Transhumanism”. We will involve them more actively in the current research and forecasting in the field and will support all initiatives and projects suggested by them.
  • On the base of our experience in the field of educational games and computer simulations, we will continue to develop and to collect educational games, data base with annotated educational links, a specialized Wiki and all sorts of on-line educational resources.
  • We will continue to develop “The Great Transhumanist Game” as a form of integration and concentration of educational recourses.
  • Attention should be paid in preparation of “Train the trainers” program, having in mind that millions of people must be educated.
  • We will publish our results in the electronic journal “VANGUARD SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS IN MANAGEMENT” (ISSN 1314-0582) (see ).
  • Our next conference will take place in September 2019. All are kindly invited to contribute with papers, posters, video-conferencing, or video-posters (see ).
  • Follow our day to day plans, projects, events and activities on our FB group “For Science, Education, Radical Longevity and Transhumanism!” (see ).

For Science, Education, Radical Longevity and Transhumanism!

Live forever, or die trying!

Eternity lies ahead of us!

Sofia, October 1-st 2018

prof. PhD eng. Angel Marchev 1.0

Chairman of the Conference Committee

prof. PhD Angel Marchev 2.0