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Prof. Angel Marchev, Ph.D. has graduated as a merit student as automation control engineer at the Technical University of Sofia. Later he worked closely with A. Ivahnenko, one of the originators of the concept of Self-organization.

Prof. Marchev is one of the pioneers of implementing cybernetics and system theory in the fields of business management in Bulgaria. Over the last 40 years he has published more than two hundred papers on various topics in the field. He considers as his life-time achievement the implementation of Multi-stage selection procedures for wide range of business challenges such as system identification, forecasting, modeling economic and business systems among others.

He teaches courses such as “Simulation and gaming in management”, “Business games”, “Computer simulation” and “Financial modeling in management”, „Fundamentals of Management I: Cybernetics and systems theory” at the University for National and World Economy and Burgas Free University among several others business schools and collages.




Prof. Angel Marchev Jr. PhD

considers himself a fusion of thought explorer and a digital native. He is also a coeval and a very good friend to the personal computer for the last four decades. He has been educated by computer games since the age of four.

Proud to have written his first programming code at the age of 6, and his first SQL query later at the age of 12. He has followed closely the technical developments, and has been a front runner pioneer of implementing them as quickly as possible. So he started his first website in 1996, his first implementation of social networks in the educational process in 2005 and later mobile devices in 2010. Marchev has been an avid and curious explorer of crypto markets and block chain since the summer of 2009.
Angel has graduated in finance at the University for National and World Economy as a merit student. He later finished master degree in corporate finance at the Burgas Free University. He pursued a career as a Bank analyst but found it is too formalistic and not enough challenging.
Marchev Jr. has at least ten generations of professors in his genealogy, including such pillars to the Bulgarian education as Neofit Rilski and Paisii Hilendarski, and it was only natural to choose the same career. By the time he finished high school he already participated as Instructor for various courses. Since then, and has excelled at implementing active methods in all of them. Practically 100% of his classes are either interactive or games. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience implementing active methods of learning at UNWE, Sofia University, BFU, etc.:
*Principles of management
*Management decisions and risk
*Research methods in business
*Business games in management
*Financial markets and instruments
*Forecasting and modeling

*Crypto currencies and block chain

*Artificial intelligence
He is a Ph.D. at implementation of computer simulation and modeling in investment portfolio theory. He has specialized in risk theory at a summer institute, organized by European mathematical society. He is also a certified SME consultant by the Instiituut voor het Midden en Kleinbdrijf.
Angel Marchev, Jr. has more than 50 publications. His academic interests include cybernetics, systems theory, computer simulation, simulation and gaming, principles of self-organization, investment portfolios, adaptive algorithms, forecasting methods among other.
He has earned valuable international experience while teaching in several prestigious Erasmus Programs (on Project management; on Supply chain management; on Financial management) where he has always received the positive feedback (in any meaning) from the students and from the participating teaching stuff.
He is member of:

*BASAGA – Bulgarian Academic Simulation and Gaming Association (founder)
*International Game Developers Association
*AI Solvers (founder)
*IEEE Young Professionals – Bulgaria (founder)
*Financial engineering solutions (founder)
*Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMC; CSS; CIS)
*Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
*World Federation of Investor Corporations
*Data Science Society
*Bulgarian Chamber for Education, Science and culture
*Association of Bulgarian Traders